Rags to Riches or To the Stars or Bust

Season 1 Episode 2

Its got to start somewhere

Main Characters

Hugo Beck (ACE)……………………..Commando
Brent Hoffman (FACE)…………….Spider
Shawn Greer (TECH)……………….Spider
Brian Kelly (MEDIC-SECURITY)..Panther

After finding the old base and searching through it the base seems to think its let in someone called commander Beck a distant relative ? More questions.

The base contains everything needed for the group including 4 Light Battlemechs these are divided between the group.

Sitting around there planet has been taken what do they do now, deciding that they have the means to strike back at the invading force but what to do? two things stand out do they hit the supply depot and gather as much as possible or do they attack the internment camp and save the people from there town ? the discussion goes into the night.

Its decided that the they will attack the supply depot using the element of surprise to take what they can.

the attack begins at morning the enemy have no idea whats coming this planet had very little defenses and now its theirs, the 4 battlemechs roll over the hills and towards the supply depot the defenders rally to there posts but surprise goes to the attackers.
the battlemechs move forward and open fire destroying 4 warrior attack helicopters in the first few seconds, then the tanks roll in shawn is surrounded by 4 light hover vehicles and brent with 2 but this is quickly reduced as the vehicles take damage most abandoned by there crews as damage mounts up. with the vehicles dealt with the mechs move in to the compound only to find hidden infantry in wait, Hugo’s commando takes fire from the infantry causing some armor damage then the infantry is wiped out leaving the field to the group and there mechs, gathering up what they can salvage and supplies they get away with equipment, vehicles and the important supplies needed.

It now seems that they need extra help the 4 of them cant possibly do this alone they need to rescue everyone they can…..



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