Rags to Riches or To the Stars or Bust

Season 1 Episode 1

The End and the Start

Main Characters

Hugo Beck
Shawn Greer
Brian Kelly
Brent Hoffman

It all started like any other evening the sky was clear the four friends are sitting in the burning comet bar when the sky starts to light up. Unusual as this is everyone watches the spectacle thinking it just a meteor storm. The next day all is normal then the communications grid goes down followed by the power grid everyone sent to investigate disappears finally someone makes it back the planet is under attack.

Militia and regular forces get together to fight off the invading forces around new Birmingham the forces are in good spirits what can possibly beat them. The loyal forces start to return in ones and twos the enemy is only a little behind a full scale evacuation is ordered everyone able to hold a weapon is conscripted to hold the enemy off while the city escapes the invading force .

Our four friend find themselves guard forces for a group of refuges as they pull out of the city in the distance they can see no it cant be those are only seen on television there’s no way they can be real. But they are battlemechs walking through the city no wonder the local forces couldn’t stop them there are very few on the whole planet and these attackers are using them as every day combat vehicles infantry and vehicles move up with the mechs and escape seems more urgent the rear guard forces don’t seem to be slowing them down at all.

Almost there the tree line is very near once there it will slow the pursuit down the refugees make it to the tree line and move further in to the trees, the 4 of you stay behind to see if you can slow down the forces plant some explosives blow some trees and cause chaos. Then a laser blast cuts through the trees cutting you off from the refugees you have done all you can for them your only choice now is to head in the other direction and who knows you may even pull the forces in your direction.

After several days moving through the woods and hills you start heading towards the mountains you figure once there you might be able to meet up with other forces and a resistance can be organised. More time passes food starts to run out deep in the mountains the four are not finding anyone else the whole planet must be overrun they expected more resistance so what could possibly taken everywhere so fast.

Then one night as the group get ready to give up very low on food and supplies they are camping in an area reported to be haunted to keep the invaders away they find a very low em signature following this leads to a rock face with no way to tell where its coming from when the group is suddenly scanned with a beam of light. A robotic voice sounds out saying “Commander Beck welcome back please enter” a door slides open in the cliff then lights come on in a tunnel leading into the mountain



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